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Thoughtful Speaker,




Dr. Lenarz addresses groups locally, nationally and internationally, on a variety of issues.  His goal is to support individuals and organizations to realize their full potential through understanding, communication and personal development.  Here are some examples of presentation themes and titles: 


For Business and Organizations:

Creating Wellness In The Workplace

Stress - The Good & Bad Of It!

Creating Powerful Teams

Creating & Realizing Values, Vision & Mission


For Health Care Organizations

Passion & Purpose - Taking Care of Each Person

Collaboration: Traditional & Alternative - A Higher Purpose, A Better Outcome

Vitalism: New Thinking In Health Care


These are some examples of the kind of topics that Michael speaks on.  Talks, presentations and trainings can be custom designed to meet your organizational or group needs.  Talks can range from 30 minute presentations, to full day seminars.


Please contact Dr. Lenarz at 360.840.5400 for more information.


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