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Integrated Care
Health Care Provider Consulting
A New Level of Collaboration

Dr. Lenarz has worked in a national and international arena with medical doctors and alternative practitioners, developing models of collaborative care that have helped to produce powerful results for patients.  

     He has also worked as a business consultant for medical practices and chiropractic practices. Currently, Michael is working with practitioners in Washington State and California on developing new business and clinical models in an integrated setting.

     These models include ideas such as doctors from two disciplines (such as chiropractic and acupuncture, or chiropractic and medicine) working together in one room with the patient.  The practitioners and the patient form a team that works on the patient's health problems in a strong collaborative atmosphere.

Clinical Seminars

Blair & Upper Cervical Seminars


Each year Dr Lenarz teaches a series of Blair Upper Cervical Seminars in Seattle, WA.  In 2018, he is offering three Blair Chiropractic Seminars that include Primary C1 analysis and adjusting, Primary C2 analysis and adjusting, Intermediate Blair training, and advanced Blair work.  Additionally, a new seminar was offered in March of 2018, and will bring Dr. Brigette Bowler and LMP Kathryn Conlen to Seattle to teach "Structural Hygiene for the Developing Human, " a cutting edge clinical technique that combine chiropractic upper cervical care with cranial sacral work.

Business Management

The Chiropractic Way (TCW) Consulting 


TCW is pioneering new methods of training chiropractors to run practices that produce excellent results for patients, and provide world-class customer service, while generating a profitable and sustainable business.  These results are generated through online webinars, on-site workshops and seminars, providing consulting and training, as well as one-on-one coaching.