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Blair Upper Cervical Seminars 2023

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Dr. Lenarz will be teaching four Seminars in 2023 for doctors of chiropractic who are interested in advancing their understanding of the Upper Cervical Spine and the Blair model of subluxation analysis, detection and correction .

Primary - C1 Same Side Adjustments: February 11 - 12

Join Dr. Lenarz for this first of a four part series!  Come away with the ability to increase your patient's wellbeing through specific Blair C1 adjustments.  Understand the basics of the Blair biomechanical subluxation paradigm, and learn to apply these principles.

This first seminar will take place at Dr. Lenarz's practice in Sedro-Woolley, WA.  Doctors and students will learn about Blair C1 misalignment biomechamnical model, same side adjusting, Blair x-ray analysis on digital x-rays (and introduction to CBCT).  Also, theories of upper cervical subluxation neurology and biomechanics.

Training in adjusting will include toggle monitor and high definition, slow motion video analysis of each participant adjusting.

Primary C2 & CBCT: April 15 - 16

In this second-of-four series, Dr. Lenarz will focus the teaching on C2 misalignment and its correction.  In the Blair work, C2 procedures apply for analysis and adjustments through C4.  He'll review the Blair biomechanical description of C2 subluxation, the related neurological components, and the clinical testing and manifestations of the C2 or lower cervical subluxations.

This seminar will also review some basics of the C1 Primary class.  While in the C1 primary seminar we used digital x-ray analysis, this weekend's imaging focus will be focused on the use and analysis of cervical CBCT.

As in all of Dr. Lenarz's classes, Participants adjusting skills will be reviewed with high definition, slow motion video and with use of a toggle monitor.

Intermediate - Opposite Side Adjustments: June 10 - 11

Advanced - Double Misalignements & Complex Cases: August 5 - 6

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